Things that suspect with Bitcoin Code

There is no doubt that we have a few months of madness unleashed with everything related to the mining of criptomonedas. Whether Bitcoin, ethereum, ZCash or similar currencies, you just have to take a look at the scarcity and rising price of various models of graphics cards, instead of being used for better graphics and gaming performance, are intended to intensive mining.

True, the value of these coins has had ups and downs, but the trend is to continue to rise and that they know the criminals, who not only demand the payment of ransoms to those affected by the ransomware on these currencies, but also have in their sights all those miners who bitcoin code have begun to accumulate criptodivisas or are considering doing so.


It’s no wonder that they are lately getting emails that tell us about the benefits of investing in Bitcoin and major economic benefits that can be obtained in a short time and with little effort. Take, for example, one of the emails received in our laboratory during the last hours.

The body of the message makes it clear. An alleged user of a system of buying and selling Bitcoins who claims to have obtained the amount of almost $ 14,000 in just 24 hours and, in a display of generosity, invites us to participate so that we benefit us too.

At this point in the film, it would be normal mail mistrusted many users and root bitcoin code out from your inbox without thinking too much. However, as we have said, the issue of criptomonedas is current and there are many people who have only heard bells and think this can serve the criptomonedas to get rich in the overnight.

They scam that ignorance as we will discuss today take advantage, and that is if the bitcoin code user has taken the bait and click on the email we just saw, will be redirected to the following website.

As we see, it is all set to be sufficiently convincing, giving some semblance of professionalism and even including an explanatory video showing the benefits of such a business trust are observed. Indeed, this scam is very similar to another that we analyzed last year and has been spreading in recent months, adapting to users in many countries.

To generate even more confidence, we offer testimonials of alleged users who are already benefiting from this system and proudly show the amounts obtained so far. Of course, none of these users or the amounts shown are real, and the sole purpose of showing is finished to convince the bitcoin code gullible that has landed on this website thinking it will make a fortune.


As always caught before a liar than a lame, let’s look at the details that confirm that this is a hoax. We started with the previous image, it is that although we are told that the latest update of operations is the day August 18, 2017, all are displayed Aug. 8 … 2016! Someone he forgot to change this into the template used for these scams and update it with the appropriate date.

Next point. As with any successful business that boasts, must always the entrepreneur, the genius bitcoin code of finance that will allow us to achieve our dream of being a millionaire appear. The web handles show us very proud posing for the camera and, this time, our Messiah is called Sergio Marlon.

In the photograph we see a young man, smiling, happy to share his wisdom with us along with a brief biography that shows how smart he is. All a paragon of virtue and the husband that every mother would want for her daughter. A born entrepreneur, those who talk about criptomonedas and blockchain as if they had invented themselves with such skill that mother nature gave them.

Of course, if such a crack Sergio Marlon finance, why her photo is performing a simple search like a stock photo? Will is so humble, handsome, rich and good investor who prefers to hide his real identity with a false front? Is not that profile is more false than three euro coin and someone wants us colar creating the image of a successful person who does not exist? It will be that …

But hey, let’s move those details overlooked and think that the task of preparing the web had a terrible day. We proceed to check in and start making money. We ask our contact details (name, email and phone) and access a course portal where you start performing operations that will make us millionaires. But oh, surprise! First of all, you have to make a small deposit. Are only $ 250 for nothing, an insignificant amount compared with the thousands of euros we will bitcoin code win.

Here and should alarm bells ringing but even so, it sure has bitten more than one.

However, there is another notice that, at least if you know English, should serve as a final warning. In this notice we indicate the high risk involved in making these investments and that the company behind this racket is not responsible for the possible losses that we may incur.

Speaking of that company, I really do not have to look far to find not particularly good referencesand should serve to alienate anyone with half a brain of these high – risk operations.


It seems clear that the whole boom criptomonedas we are currently experiencing has sparked interest in cybercriminals and is no longer uncommon to see scams like this, nor are malware that infect systems for use in mining or engaged in steal portfolios criptomonedas miners.

This trend is not expected to decrease in the short term, so whether you’re planning to get to undermine or invest in such currencies as if you’re already doing for some time, take the necessary precautions to run out of money both it costs us win.